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Welcome to the APFM Site!

The APFM Site is currently under renovations. Basic information is provided on the working home page. If you want to help the cause, please go to the donation page. Lots more info and features like team pics, bios, testimonies, etc… are coming soon!

Image by Wesley Tingey

The Trans Community is under attack.
The ACLU is currently tracking 501 anti-LGBTQ+ bills in the U.S. Many of these bills target gender affirming care and the rights of Trans people to exist safely in the public space. Violence against the Trans community goes largely uncovered while, in many states, it is so high that many Trans individuals are sheltering in their homes out of fear.

is a team of young Trans individuals providing mutual aid to our community moving Trans Refugees into new homes in the legislatively and socially safer city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Through donations, we fund the Refugees’ moving expenses and provide transportation. Our Mission is not only to get people to safety but to build a community here in Las Vegas where they have the support to build new, safer lives.

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