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A Place for Marsha is a Mutual Aid Project helping Trans Refugees

With the ACLU currently tracking almost 500 anti-LGBT bills in the United States, many of them targeting trans rights, many transgender individuals do not have access to gender affirming care and are not safe in their state. A Place for Marsha is a Mutual Aid Project put on by young trans people helping to fundraise for trans refugees to relocate to sanctuary states.


If you have the means, you can donate to the APFM GoFundMe. All funds go directly towards moving costs for refugees.

Or, if you are a member of the LGBTQIA2S+ community and a resident in a safe state with means to take in a roommate, you can go to the Roommate Forum and post.

Image by Jan Budomo


A Place for Marsha is a mutual aid project put on by a small team of young Trans individuals aiming to fundraise to for our trans siblings in need of relocation. APFM is not a large, registered NonProfit with facilities or funds to handle emergencies. We are not Social Workers with the training to handle crises of mental health or safety. If you are in danger or crisis, please seek assistance or advice from Nonprofit organizations with trained professionals such as The Trevor Project, The Rainbow Railroad, or a local LGBTQAI2S+ Nonprofit. 

If you are a Trans individual in a state where your rights and safety are at risk looking for assistance fundraising for your relocation, please feel free to fill out a contact form with the subject line: MUTUAL AID FOR RELOCATION. We will know you’ve read this message by that subject line and will be more able and likely to respond. 

Thanks for reading!

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