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What is A Place for Marsha?

 APFM is one of many start-up organizations working towards helping Trans Refugees in the U.S. find safe homes. We assist trans-identifying individuals fleeing dangerous states by establishing safe homes in Las Vegas, NV. 

Who does APFM help?

APFM can help trans-identifying individuals fleeing states with intense anti-trans legislation and transphobic hostility. Please explore the ACLU website to see which states are being effected by anti-trans bills.


Are you eligible for assistance from APFM?
- Must be a Transgender/ Non-bianary individual
-Must be currently living in a state where G.A.C. is at risk

- Must be able to retain employment/ attain consistent income
- Must be eligible to rent
- Cannot have a violent crime on record
- Must be able to provide personal references (friends, co-workers, or family).

What does A Place for Marsha provide?
- Finding safe Trans-identifying roommates
- Facilitating moving logistics (finding property, etc…)
- Financial assistance with depositions, first month’s rent, etc…
- Assistance securing basic nessesities such as a bed and other basics
- Knowledge of services in Las Vegas (G.A.C., etc…)


A Place for Marsha can only offer assistance for Trans Individuals fleeing dangerous states due to anti-trans legislation, and transphobic hostility. APFM cannot offer services in response to homelessness or mental health crisises. If you are being effected by the housing crisis or are facing a mental health crisis, please seek assistance from appropriate Non-Profits/ Organizations. 

APFM does not respond to messages asking for types of assistance we do not provide.

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